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Predeal is the place known as the starting point of Romanian skiing, because is one of the first places where Romanians have practiced this sport. Hercules Magazine was talking about this new weird sport in 1892, and they were calling it ''the standing up sleighing''. By this expression, they had in mind by that was a group of skiers lead by Carol Ganzert witch routed the Clabucetele Predealului that year. The sports club Predeal was founded in 1926, and for a long time there was a skiers high school here. Numerous ski competitions were held in Predeal both between the wars, and in the communist period. Today, in Predeal there are 8 ski slopes running, that have 10 km in total, and the area has over 45 sqare km. All the slopes are modernized and have all they need for the best skiing conditions.

What you can visit Predeal

Peleș castle in Sinaia
In Sinaia, at less than 10 km from Busteni, there is the most beautiful palace from Romania. The Peles castle was built between 1873-1914 as a residence of the Royal Family of Romania, in who's property it is today. The first king of Romania visited Sinaia in 1866, short time after his coronation, and he was surprised by the beauty of those places. Thus, he decided to build here a summer residence for the royal family. The official inauguration was held in 1883, and since than the alterations and extention began. It has been done just in 1914. The palace has 160 rooms, and the central tower has 66 m. Although the royal family is using this palace, the Peles Museum is still working, where the visitors can see some of the most important and beautyfull rooms of the palace: the honor hallway, the royal library, the arms rooms, the music hall, the florentine hall, the maure hall, the royal bedroom and some more. The Cantacuzino castle in Bușteni
The property belonged to the Cntacuzino family, and now it holds a museum. The beautiful building was designed at the request of prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, by the famous Romanian architect Grigore Cerchez, the one that worked on many emblematic constructions in Romania like Cotroceni palace, Bucharest Stock Market, Odeon Theatre and many more. The huge palace has an interior design especially beautiful, with stained glass windows, wooden elegant railings, fire places and mosaics. The permanent exposition has a series of heraldry, portraits of the Cantacuzino family. The seasonal exposition have precious art works from the modern and postmodern era.
Location: street Zamorei nr.1, Bușteni, Prahova

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